I visited the Palace of Versailles last week, which was the principal royal residences of France several hundred years ago. One of my favorite things about the French, and royals for that matter,  is their love for formality and etiquette. During our tour of the castle, we learned all about the intention that was put into the decor and layout of every room. They also discussed the immense preparation and pomp and circumstance that took place when guests visited the castle.

Although you might not be living in a French chateau, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat our home like our very own palace and our guests like Queens and Kings (Yaaasss Queen!). Hosting guests is one of Ida and I’s favorite things to do, but there is an art to hosting. There are  probably few things worse than being uncomfortable in someone else’s home, so here are a few suggestions on how to host overnight guests like a royal. We’ve added a few of our personal pleasantries to make the experience memorable for your friends and family.

Clean your home before guests arrive. It might be easier said than done, but your home should always be clean, at least in common areas. You never know when a surprise visitor might pop up and you don’t want to be caught off guard with a dirty home. With planned visits, there simply is no excuse. Pay special attention to common areas and the area the guest will be staying (bedroom and bathroom). Make sure the room has fresh linens, fresh towels and a gentle air freshener. Try not to get too carried away with scents as some people have scent sensitivities. If you’re busy with work and don’t have the time. Hire a cleaning service. (Check out Handy. It’s an app where you can hire cheap, local cleaning services.)

*Bonus Tip: Head to your favorite body care & fragrance store and purchase a mini body soap and lotion for your guests. Set them near their fresh towels. They will feel like they checked into a hotel!

Stock your fridge. Even if you’re not a great cook, you should have your fridge and pantry stocked with snacks and refreshments for the guests to enjoy. If at any point you are leaving your guest at your home alone, make sure there is an easy food option for them to consume in your absence. Easy options include fruits, parfaits, sandwiches, etc. 

*Bonus Tip: Have your bar stocked with your guest’s favorite beverage for an extra special touch.

Coordinate transportation for your guest’s arrival. In the days of Uber, it’s totally fine to rely on a rideshare service to get your friend to your home. Just ensure that they have some way to get there, whether that means you picking them up or them hopping in a Lyft.

Provide daily meals during the stay. Again, you don’t have to be a great cook, but you need to at least provide a meal option for your guests when they are staying at your home. A good rule of thumb is to at least provide breakfast and have snacks accessible. Never, ever under any circumstances eat in front of a guest without offering them food. If you make food then you need to make enough for your guest to eat as well.

*Bonus Tip: Put together a mini welcome box with your guest’s favorite snacks and drinks and place them in their room. They will be so impressed by your thoughtfulness.

Have a plan for guests. They didn’t come to visit to just sit in the house, so have a few activities planned for your friend. Don’t overpack the itinerary, they are on vacation, so plan for plenty of chill time.

If you follow these tips, your guests will feel more than welcome in your home. Don’t be surprised if they visit often! Want hosting questions can we answer? Comment below.


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