Every year we get questions from friends and family members about holiday greeting card etiquette. This year we decided to answer some of the frequently asked questions. 

What type of picture should I use for my holiday cards? 
Many families schedule photo shoots just for their holiday cards.  These shoots are great because you can plan the attire and location of the photo shoot around a theme, but photo shoots aren’t always necessary.  You can also use photos from throughout the year as long as they are high resolution and capture what you’d like to share for the holidays. 

Where can I order my holiday cards?
There are several websites where you can order holiday cards. Our only advice is to pick a quality card stock from a reputable website.  Your holiday card is meant to be on display in someone’s home and bring a sense of joy during the holiday season. The quality should reflect that. Our top recommendations for holiday greeting card websites are as follows:

Who should I send my holiday cards to?
One way to determine recipients is to compile a list of those you feel the closest to, as well as any out-of-town friends and family you’ll miss seeing over the holidays. Elderly out-of-town relatives will especially appreciate the gesture.  Be sure to also keep track of the families who send you a card so that you can return the favor with a greeting of your own, if appropriate.

How do you gather addresses for your holiday cards? 
There are a few ways to collect addresses. Our favorite way is to create an online account at Postable. Every year we double check our address list to ensure no one has moved prior to addressing the cards. With Postable, you can send out text messages asking friends & families to update their address if needed.  

When should I send out my holiday cards?
Ideally you want your cards to arrive in early or mid-December. To get your cards in the mail in that time frame you should order Christmas correspondence 2-3 weeks prior to Thanksgiving. It is true that it is a great idea to get your cards in the mail as early as you’re able; however, it is best to wait until after the Thanksgiving holiday. The ideal time for your cards to arrive at their destination is around the second week of December.

Don’t worry if you missed this time frame.  Just because you’re out of time does not mean you’re out of luck. If procrastination has reared its ugly head and e-cards aren’t your style, place an order for cards that express well wishes for the New Year instead. 

Have you started on your holiday cards yet? Do you have any tips to make the process easier?


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