Last year Business Insider featured our co-founder Christin in an article discussing why she chose her MBA program and how it helped inspire Common Courtesy.

Have you ever noticed when MBA grads are introduced you don’t typically see these three letters listed behind their name? It’s because MBA degrees don’t require a license. You would only want to add a degree behind your name if the services you provide can only be provided by someone with specific training or credentials. 

Here’s a quick guide on addressing your friends with credentials: 

  • Dr: For medical physicians and people who earned a Ph.D. (heyyyy Dr.Gibson) in both business and social settings. Those who have earned a Ph.D. have the option to drop Dr. socially. Example: Dr. Ida Gibson 
  • Esquire (Esq.) – Typically used in only business settings for licensed attorneys. Remove Mr/Mrs. before their name. Example: Nina Michaels, Esq. 
  • The Reverend/Pastor – For ordained ministers in business and social settings. Example: The Reverend Mr. Corey Gibson or Pastor Corey Gibson
  • Professional designations like CPA – Only used on business cards or business correspondence. Remove Mr/Mrs. before the name. 

Any questions on professional titles? Ask below!


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