When invited to a dinner at someone’s home or attending a party with a guest of honor, it is customary to bring a hostess gift. A hostess gift is a gift for your host or hostess to thank them for the invite and their hospitality. The gift doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive; simply consider the nature of the occasion and local customs when making your choice.

Here are the top 3 things you should consider when choosing and giving the perfect hostess gift.

1. Always remember the occasion. Remember a hostess gift shouldn’t be like a birthday gift (something personal in nature). A hostess gift is something a host or hostess would use in the course of entertaining. Wine, flowers, specialty food items and small items for the house all make good hostess gifts.

2. Add a special touch. Take the extra time to wrap the gift, even if you only use tissue or a decorative bag.

3. Everyone isn’t going to bring a hostess gift, so be discrete! Offer the gift to the hostess as soon as you greet him or her without bringing too much attention to the gift.


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